Mobile and Internet connectivity continues in both the developed and emerging markets. The Pandemic has spurred a paradigm shift in consumer buying and savings habits, and an acceleration of supply-chain localization and commerce digitalization. The traditional “brick and mortar” global economies are turning into an eCommerce market. As a result, global ecommerce sales totaled $3.5 trillion in 2019, and projected to reach $6.5 trillion by 2023, a 16.6% CAGR. In order for the eCommerce marketplace to thrive, it needs an entire ecosystem including large volume of buyers and sellers, abundant choices of products from manufacturers/traders, robust last mile delivery, and pervasive and secure payment mechanisms. Each of these areas pose major hurdles to eCommerce growth.

We are a world-class team of Digital and eCommerce experts with a unique track-record of delivering disruptive Digital Commerce solutions with speed to market and agility, globally. We partner through the entire digital journey – plan, build, operate and scale. Beyond our turnkey knowhow, we approach assignments as financial partnerships demonstrating skin in the game. Through this SPV JV model we provide significant monetization flexibility and accounting benefits, and ensure that our partner’s brand remains distinct and is never diluted. Additional Information: Contact info@DC-SPV.com.