Hugh B.L. McClung

Managing Director
Hong Kong, China

Hugh B.L. McClung is a senior business executive with over 25 years of experience in venture investment, startup management, and acquisition and strategic alliances. He currently advises a number of Emerging Market Private Funds in China and India as well as a Global Fixed Income Fund. Most recently, he was Chairman and CEO of China Broadband Network, a broadband service provider in China. From 2002-2004 he served as Vice Chairman of The Velarde Group, Inc. and Advisor to the CEO of Next Mobile, Inc. From 1991-1998, he was founder and Vice Chairman of International Wireless Corporation. IWC’s focus was an investment acquisition program targeting wireless communications projects in developing countries including projects in China, Mexico, Thailand, India, Taiwan, Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines, New Zealand, Malaysia and Hong Kong. From 1989-1991, he served as President and CEO of BCE Ventures Inc. where he organized and supervised a bid for two cellular licenses in Mexico. From 1984 - 1989 he was Founder & CEO of Prudential Securities Venture Capital, one of the largest U.S. venture capital funds. Mr. McClung started his investment career as a Vice President of Crocker Associates (1978 – 1984), a USA venture capital and buyout firm where he was a manager. Mr. McClung has an MBA with honors from the University of Washington.